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  • Welcome all. Thanks you for joining Horizon Network.

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  1. Main

    1. Rules

      Forum and server rules are posted here.

    2. Updates

      Updates and information about the server and community.

    3. Developer News

      Sneak peaks at what the developers are working on.

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  2. Horizon Network

    1. Content

      Got any pictures or videos of the server, here's the place to post them.

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    2. Questions

      Any questions you may have leave them here and someone will get back to you.

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  3. Government Jobs

    1. Malden Medical Service Department

      Looking to save lives and learn more about the EMS, Your in the right spot, APPLY TODAY!

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    2. Malden Police Department

      If you're willing to fight the criminals within Malden, please apply to the Police force, and hope to be accepted.

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